Reading, Listening, Watching—Staying Up-to-Date During Long Summer Days

I’m finally catching up on my reading, podcasts, and even a little TV. As the economic environment has *ahem* “evolved,” it’s been an interesting first half of the year for our clients and us! Audacia is growing and changing, and it’s gratifying to see the fruits of our labor paying off. 

I’ve been traveling recently—with more to come this summer (helloooo, vacation!). The time in transit has helped me catch up on my “must read, listen, and watch” list. I do some of my best deep thinking while traveling. How about you? 

During my travels, I’ve enjoyed reading and listening more about leadership, coaching, and innovation (and I’ve reserved my “watch agenda” for pure entertainment). I’m sharing my lists so you can explore whenever you find time in the air, by the pool, or at the beach.


No beach reads here! I’ve been thinking a lot about the macroeconomic moment, the changes companies are going through, and how we can best support leaders and their companies as they move through transitional times. Here’s what I’ve read recently.

“Private Struggle: Why Executive Transitions Continue to Fail:” As we’ve been working with companies on executive transitions for years, we have our own thoughts about what’s happening and why. It’s incredible to see the research in this article supporting what we know about coaching (hint: it works!). 

And we know this from personal experience too. We partner with amazing executive coaches, including David Albritton and Clay Parcells, to support executives through their transition(s). 

“With Headset Reveal, Apple Weighed Every Word:” Apple has made history—over and over again—by doing things differently than its competitors and its new headset reveal is no exception. Here, Axios talks about the importance of language in what you’re selling, whether it’s products, services, or corporate actions. 

From our work, we have learned that you need to know who you’re talking to. What do you want them to feel? To remember? To take action on? We call it Brand DNA here at Audacia because language is THAT crucial. 

I’m also personally interested in Apple’s forthcoming “Vision Pro” because it’s reportedly easier to use than its competitors. For many of us, virtual reality is not fun to dream about—a spatial computer sounds a bit simpler, though I don’t know exactly what that is. But then again, before June 29, 2007, I didn’t know what an iPhone was!

The Gap and the Gain by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan: I’ve been thinking a lot about mindset lately, both for myself (shout out to my coach, Clay Parcells!) and our clients. How people lead, manage, and interact with investors can radically differ depending on how they feel about themselves, their product, their relationships, and so on. 

The Gap and the Gain was an interesting read about how individuals and organizations measure themselves. Many high achievers are unhappy because of how they measure their achievements; the highest achievers are always after a moving target. 

When we measure ourselves compared to the future goal, we’re in the gap and don’t feel we’ve accomplished much. But when we remember where we started and compare that to where we are now, we’re in the gain. Taking on the right perspective is important to appreciate our progress over a year, five years, or even an entire career.


I love to mix up how I learn about innovation and leadership, so podcasts are an amazing go-to for long drives on the D.C Beltway or summer walks on the beach! Here’s what I’ve been listening to.

The Great Creators podcast: I’m a huge fan of How I Built This. Guy Raz could read the alphabet to me and I’d find it fascinating. In this podcast series, Raz talks to people at the top of their game and always finds a tool or technique the listener can take away. My favorite episodes have featured Steven Colbert, Tom Hanks, and Audra McDonald (start with Audra—she is incomparable and infinitely inspiring).

Coaching Real Leaders with Muriel Wilkins: Yep, clearly coaching has been on my mind recently! This one is different though—if you can’t get enough of your own coaching sessions, this is like eavesdropping on someone else’s coaching session. There is always an interesting nugget or two to take away here. 

Acquired: Here is where you can learn the real origin and stories behind companies and people we all think we know. The Taylor Swift episode is a wild two-and-a-half-hour ride, not to be missed—trust me. And if you’re looking for the greatest hits, the episode from June 19, 2022 is a highlight reel of the host’s favorite lessons from the first six seasons. Add this to your binge-listening list!


True confession: by the time I have a chance to sit in front of the television, I do NOT want to think; I so NOT want to learn (at least overtly). I’m looking for pure entertainment! Here’s what has me hooked.

The Diplomat: I love this show! I don’t care that it’s not 100% accurate about diplomatic life—it is wildly entertaining and I cannot wait for Season 2. 

The Bear: Speaking of Season 2, I cannot wait to binge watch The Bear Season 2, which dropped on June 22nd. If you haven’t caught Season 1—what are you waiting for? 

Vanderpump Rules Reunions: Yep, I’ve watched the three Vanderpump Rules Reunion episodes. I admit—I’ve been sucked into the drama of the Scandoval. I don’t even watch the regular seasons of VPR on Bravo, but since the scandal took over my social feeds, I’ve been sucked in and the reunions are a good way to catch up. I won’t be wearing white nail polish again anytime soon (or ever).

These shows are mindless, sooooo trashy, and perfect on a midweek evening after a long day of work and the evening rush of 4-year-old bedtime drama, cooking, and cleanup. 

I hope you’re enjoying these long summer days—I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading, listening to, and watching!

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